We are lucky to have the loveliest customers in our shops & we love hearing their suggestions, trying their recipes & generally have a good natter with them. So when we asked our customers via facebook for some cake ideas we were delighted to hear their comments and decided to try one of the suggestions; caramac cake.



Caramac cake
We vaguely remembered caramac cakes when we were younger & assumed one of our wonderful bakers would know a recipe and we would make it with ease one quiet Tuesday afternoon leaving at closing time on a sweet caramac high. This didn’t happen…at all! Firstly, all our most knowledgeable baking mentors, bakers and all round foodie fanatics we asked couldn’t quite decide on what constitutes a caramac cake. So obviously we googled it & simply using a hotch potch of a google recipe, kind suggestions and our own chocolate cravings we came up with the below recipe. Looking back now, it’s a very simple recipe but at the time with the kitchen a complete disaster zone & any sweet success unlikely it was more of a palaver.


Crème’s Caramac Cake





Shopping list, ingredients caramc recipe

Plain flour     /     120g sieved

Caster sugar   /     140g

Baking powder /   1 ½ tsp

Butter           /       40g

Semi skimmed milk / 120ml

1 Egg

Cocoa powder / as desired


Butter               / 225g

Vanilla extract / 2 tbsp

Icing sugar / 125g

Caramac / 225g



1. Set oven to 180oc (gas mark 3)

2. add all the sponge ingredients (except the cocoa powder) into a large bowl and mix – the mixture should be quite runny at this point

3. then add as much cocoa powder as you like a little at a time, ensuring the mixture remains quite wet

4. add everything into a cicrcular cake liner and place into a 8” round baking tin

5. place into the oven, set timer and bake for 30-35 mins

6. once cake cooked & cooled make the frosting by melting the caramac in a bain –marie then add the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract. Whisk & place onto the cake, decorate with caramac pieces then devour….

cake cara