So, apparently grabbing your cake with two hands and stuffing as much into you mouth as possible is not the most pleasurable way to consume your cake calories.  No, some mathematical genius,Francis Galton, discovered way back in 1906 that the typical cutting into wedge shapes is not the “mathematically perfect way to cut a round cake”.  So we decided to put Galton’s theory to the taste test…… CHEWY CHOC

RIGHT & WRONG Instead of cutting into pretty triangles cut straight across the middle and remove a cross-section – this is scientifically speaking the tastiest part of the cake.

You can watch the video here:

So if you have loads of willpower, no friends and there is cake leftover, all you need to do is simply push together the remaining half-moon pieces as this will preserve its softness, eliminating the dry, crusty slices left when a standard wedge size is removed.

cake jug


Amazingly enough all of our gourmand guinea pigs did prefer the cake cut the “correct way” when taking part in the taste test.  Some saying the cake was more moist and others simply noted that it just tasted nicer!  So, there you have it, if you can hold off long enough to cut your cake as Galton described you will be rewarded with the creme de la creme of cake slices!